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    A new European directive, EUMOS 40509, has been in force since 2018. As a result, the liability for damage shifts from the carrier to the producer. Manufacturers are forced to package their products more stable. To achieve this, a reliable, flexible and variably adjustable stretch wrapper is required. STREMA® is producer of this kind of machinery and has the knowledge and experience with packaging according to the EUMOS 40509 guidelines.

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    The solid German quality and the expert Dutch service guarantees the optimal efficiency of your packaging line. We manufacture and supply stretch wrappers that handle film economically and produce excellent and stable packaging. Wrappers that require less maintenance and have a long service life. Unique is the STREMA® double-head technology, which makes it possible to pack 150 pallets per hour.

    Saving on your variable costs starts with STREMA®!

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