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The STREMA® fully automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers are very robust machines, specially built for 24/7 use and fully equipped as standard.

All STREMA® fully automatic stretch wrappers are constructed as follows:

  • Low-maintenance belt drives in combination with the smooth frequency-controlled movements contribute to a long service life and low maintenance costs
  • All STREMA® fully automatic machines are equipped with a 2-motor driven pre-stretching system. Because both pre-stretching rollers each have their own frequency-controlled motor, they are fully infinitely variable from 50% to 400%. (1 meter of film becomes 5 meters)
  • The pre-stretch can be accurately regulated at 5 different levels during the wrapping cycle. A sharp angle of a wooden pallet is NO longer decisive for the overall pre-stretch on load. The pre-stretch is reduced where needed and increased where possible
  • The tension on the load is also precisely controlled during the wrapping process at 5 different levels by means of the electronic film tension control
  • The standard equipped sealing unit melt the film end-tail over the full width of the film, the film remains the same thickness throughout during sealing. This will prevent loose film wisps
  • Representative packaging is realized at low consumption costs. The right amount of film in the right place
  • Simple transition to a different quality wrapping film, with a higher or lower pre-stretch percentage, without mechanical adjustments
  • The SMART-Load System helps the operator change a wrapping film roll quickly, ergonomically and easily
  • Simple operation by means of a clear Touch Panel
  • STREMA® only uses A components. Such as Siemens PLC with Touch Panel, Festo pneumatics, SEW / Lenze motors, Lenze frequency inverters
  • Very reliable energy transfer to the rotating parts by means of a fully enclosed IP54 slip ring. A proven concept
  • The film consumption of each wrapped pallet can be read on the Touch Panel
  • Naturally, all our machines comply with the applicable machine guidelines and are provided with the CE mark

In addition, the following options are available for all STREMA® fully automatic stretch wrappers:

  • Special hold down plate suitable for fragile loads. This hold down plate presses on the charges with little force. Fragile charges are additionally protected.
  • Special load stability programs. The packaging requirements are getting higher, especially with the introduction of the EUMOS legislation.
  • Making digital packaging data available. This gives you maximum control over your wrapping process.
  • Various transport systems. Depending on the direction of the pallet or the type of the pallet, different transport systems can be used, such as roller conveyors, chain conveyors or belts.
  • Remote maintenance. The programmer can follow the wrapping process via an internet connection and, if necessary, make an adjustment. This saves a costly trip to the customer.
  • Rainproof topsheet dispenser. Protects your load against moisture from above.
  • Dustproof top sheet dispenser. Prevents pollution from above and makes theft more difficult.
  • Safety features. Every fully automatic wrapper must be equipped with a safety cage with safety photocells.

Product Range

ASS 2000

  • Fully automatic
  • Rotary systems

Maximum speed: 15 RPM
Capacity up to 40 pallets / hour

A 4000

  • Fully automatic
  • Rotary systems

Maximum speed: 30 RPM
Capacity up to 65 pallets / hour

A 4000B II

  • Fully automatic
  • Rotary systems

Maximum speed: 30 RPM
Capacity up to 90 pallets / hour

A 5000

  • Fully automatic
  • Rotary systems

Maximum speed: 50 RPM
Capacity up to 100 pallets / hour

A 5000B II

  • Fully automatic
  • Rotary systems

Maximum speed: 50 RPM
Capacity up to 150 pallets / hour

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