SAD 16 High Speed

High Speed turntable wrapper

Maximum speed: 40 RPM
Capacity up to 65 pallets / hour

The SAD 16 High Speed turntable wrapper is basically the same as the SAD 16. However, the speed is higher and therefore the output also higher.

Standard options

Find out all standard options regarding the SAD 16 High Speed. Read more


Automatic capacity adjustment

When the supply of pallets is temporarily reduced, the wrapper speed also decreases. Energy-efficient solution, lower maintenance costs, longer life.

Diameter wrapping film roll up to Ø 320 mm

75% more film compared to Ø 250 mm

Expandable with various options

See extensions

High capacity on a small footprint

Short infeed distance and a high speed of the turntable ensure this together

Roping of the film at pallet level

Provides extra strength between pallet and load. The pallet also remains "open" for the forks of the forklift


Automatic bottom card board folder

Provides extra protection to the bottom of the load

Banderol of film at the top and bottom is possible

Film saving

Easy to place in a corner set-up

The turntable can be used for 90° outfeed of the pallets

Fall protection

Provides extra security

Fully automatic corner applicator

Gives extra protection at the corners of the load

Hold down plate

Hold loads and / or topsheet during wrapping process

Rotation driven hold down plate with film clamp

The wrapping process starts at the top. This prevents twisting of the loads. The critical parts and / or dustproof topsheet are wrapped in immediately. Provides extra security for unstable loads. Only a banderol film at the top is therefore also possible, saving film.

Start / stop wrapping cycle at the top

Critical loads and / or a topsheet are wrapped in immediately. The wrapping cycle can accelerate immediately afterwards. Maximum output.


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