SAD 16B II High Speed

Double head turntable wrapper

Maximum speed 40 RPM.
Capacity up to 90 pallet / hour

The SAD 16B II double-head turntable wrapper is basically equal to the SAD16 High Speed turntable wrapper. However, the double head has some extras. For example, it has an extra mast with film carriage and can reach as many as 90 pallets per hour. Banding, single wrapping or the choice between starting from top or bottom wrapping is also possible with the SAD 16B II High Speed. But this turntable wrapper can also wrap stacked pallets separately and process two types of film. The wrapping heads can be adjusted independently of each other.

This machine also has a double amount of film on board and switches automatically to the emergency program if one head is empty or broken. In addition, the rotation of the hold down plate is driven. The hold down plate turns the same sequence than the turntable. The loads are not twisted, this provides extra security.

Standard options

Find out all standard options regarding the SAD 16B II High Speed. Read more


The top model, the SAD16B II double-head turntable wrapper does not differ much from the SAD16 High Speed turntable wrapper, but it does have a few extra components.

The SAD16B II has an extra mast with film carriage and therefore achieves a capacity of up to 90 pallets per hour. And has double the amount of film on board, allowing longer runs without operator intervention.

A banderol of film at the top and/or at the bottom is possible


Automatic capacity adjustment

When the supply of pallets is temporarily reduced, the wrapper speed also decreases. Energy-efficient solution, lower maintenance costs, longer life.

Automatic emergency program

If one wrapping head is empty or broken, the wrapper continues wrapping. The remaining wrapping head wraps the entire cycle, either at a lower capacity, but the line does not stop. The operator can plan his / her film roll change. This gives a lot of peace and quietness in the packaging department.

Diameter wrapping film roll up to Ø 320 mm

75% more film compared to Ø 250 mm

Double-headed execution

Two wrapping film rolls, long runs without operator intervention

Each wrapping head makes only a single stroke

One wrapping head starts at the bottom, the other wrapping head starts at the top. This always creates cross wrappings.

Expandable with various options

See extensions

Rotatie gedreven aandrukplaat met folieklem

Het wikkelproces start bovenaan. Torderen (twisten) van ladingen wordt hiermee voorkomen. De kritische delen en/of stofdichte topsheet worden onmiddellijk vast gewikkeld. Geeft extra zekerheid bij instabiele ladingen. Alleen een banderol folie bovenaan is hierdoor ook mogelijk, folie besparend.

Very high capacity on a small footprint

Capacity of a quick arm wrapper on a footprint of a turntable wrapper


Automatic bottom card board folder

Provides extra protection to the bottom of the load

Automatische hoekopzetter

Geeft extra bescherming op de hoeken de lading

Fall protection

Provides extra security


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