A 5000

Rotary arm wrapper

Maximum speed: 50 RPM
Capacity up to 100 pallets / hour

The Multi talent, the A5000 Arm wrapper has redefined wrapping. This powerhouse can wrap as many as 100 pallets per hour. Like its predecessors, the A5000 is suitable for all kinds of loads and films. The operator places a new film roll very easily and ergonomically thanks to the SMART-Load system. The film end tail of each load is sealed over the full width. The loads are thus perfectly finished. Loose wisps are a thing of the past.

Our fully automatic rotary arm stretch wrappers of the A5000 series are designed for the higher capacity range and can be integrated into any conventional conveyor system. Equipped with a fully variable adjustable Power Pre Stretch System in combination with an electronic dancer position control, the maximum is extracted from the wrapping film, for your optimal packaging.

Standard options

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Automatic capacity adjustment

When the supply of pallets is temporarily reduced, the wrapper speed also decreases. Energy-efficient solution, lower maintenance costs, longer life.

Diameter wrapping film roll up to Ø 320 mm

75% more film compared to Ø 250 mm

Expandable with various options

See extensions

The multi-talent of the premier class

The top model, extreme performance


Fully automatic corner applicator

Gives extra protection at the corners of the load

Fully automatic film roll change system

4 rolls extra in buffer, a total of 5 rolls available.

Hold down plate

Hold loads and / or topsheet during wrapping process

Hold down plate with film clamp

One wrapping head starts at the top. Critical parts are immediately wrapped in

Maintenance platform on top of the machine

Simplifies the inspection and maintenance of the slip ring and main drive.

Pallet lifting unit on wrapping position

Necessary to be able to make a good connection between pallet and load.

Roping of the film at pallet level

Provides extra strength between pallet and load. The pallet also remains "open" for the forklift's forks


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