Fully automatic corner applicator

EPA-01 / EPA-04

Capacity up to 80 pallets / hour

The product packaging is getting thinner, while the stability of the loads needs to be improved. To break this dilemma, STREMA® has developed a fully automatic corner applicator.

Fully automatic corner applicators can be used on a STREMA® turntable wrapper (SAD 16) and a STREMA® arm wrapper of the A 5000 series. For a turntable wrapper, a single corner applicator unit is often chosen, the EPA-01. The A 5000 series of arm wrappers uses four corner applicator units, EPA-04. The output of this arm wrapper, including four protection corners, remains very high. 80 pallets per hour is possible.


The angle erectors work with servo drives and are therefore accurate and fast. In addition, the system itself searches for the exact position of the angle of the load. A carousel consists of four segments. Three segments are outside the safety fence and accessible by the operator. He / she can refill it during production. The carousel can store four different types of corners. In case of a low capacity, you can choose to equip the turntable wrapper with a single application unit (EPA-01). If the capacities are higher, an arm wrapper with four application units, one at each corner is often chosen (EPA-04). In this way, loads are quickly and efficiently provided with good corner protection.

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