Dust-proof top sheet dispenser (pass through principle)

Applicable to all models, pass through principle

To protect the loads from dust from above, a dust-proof top sheet can be placed. Also used to prevent products from being removed from the load

Before the pallet reaches the wrapper, a top sheet is placed on top of the load during the transport of the pallet. The cutting takes place during the transport movement, no loss of capacity.


  • Small footprint
  • Positioned over the conveyor in front of the wrapper
  • Can be used on all fully automatic models
  • Compact
  • Topsheet is cut during transport of the load, pallet does not stop. Does not affect the wrapper capacity
  • The topsheet dispenser is within the safety fence
  • A work spot has been created on the conveyor to change the top sheet roll
  • During topsheet change, the topsheet bin is lowered to working height
  • The top sheet roll can be loaded with 2 people or with a lifting device


Fall protection

Provides extra security

Lifting aid to be able to insert top sheet rolls with one person

Ergonomic solution for inserting top sheet rolls

Two topsheet rolls

(different colour or different width). Switches automatically to another topsheet roll. Long runs possible (Twin version)


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