All types of film possible

Very easy wrapping film change because of the SMART LOAD SYSTEM®.

STREMA® pallet wrappers can process all kinds of wrapping film. From thick to thin, from low to high stretch. Without having to convert the wrapper. Thanks to the two motors variable adjustable pre-stretch system / Duo Power Pre-Stretch System. On the Touch Panel, the Pre-Stretch values and the tension to the load values can be easily adjusted to your film specifications. In this way, every type of film is easy to process.

The Pre-Stretch and the tension to the load can be adjusted to different load levels. In this way, the maximum is extracted from the film and the best packaging is made at the lowest possible packaging costs. Maximum achievable pre-stretch is 400% (1 metre becomes 5 metres). Thanks to the SMART LOAD SYSTEM® the wrapping film change is extremely simple. Saving on your variable costs starts with STREMA®.

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