Universal turntable wrapper

Recently STREMA® has installed a High Speed turntable wrapper. This wrapper can wrap the entire pallet as well as just lay a band (narrow band of film at the top).

Customer’s products:

The customer has two types of loads.

The first has to be fully wrapped.

The second has to remain open as much as possible in order to be able to cool quickly. But must still be transportable.

Customer request:

One wrapper that can do both, maximum 60 pallets/hour and only floor space for a turntable wrapper.

STREMA® has the solution:

A High Speed SAD16 turntable wrapper with a rotation driven hold down plate. This wrapper can start or stop the cycle at the top or bottom. The complete wrapping cycle starts and stops at the bottom. Laying the banderol starts and stops at the top. During banding, the 500 mm wide film is reduced to 200 mm The wrapping cycle starts slowly because of critical products. Once a layer of film has been laid, the speed is increased to a maximum of 40 revolutions per minute. A high capacity on a small footprint is achieved.

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