STREMA® offers high capacities with little space for pallet wrapper

A common problem in a production environment. Certainly when it comes to existing construction. STREMA® recognises this problem and has come up with a solution. A turntable wrapper with two masts, rotation-driven hold down plate with film clamp. And two film carriages with twice as much film on board.


    • Pallet arrives on the turntable of the wrapper.
    • Turntable starts rotating, film carriage A starts at the bottom, film carriage B starts at the top.
    • After sufficient wrapping, film carriage A stops at the top, film carriage B at the bottom.
    • Both cutting and sealing units come in and cut and seal the film correctly.
    • Pallet is wrapped and rolls out of the wrapper.
  • Two pallets on top of each other can also be wrapped separately.

Advantages compared to an arm or ring winder

  • Smaller footprint
  • Double the amount of film on board.
  • At 15 windings only 7.5 turns of the turntable are needed.
  • High capacity, up to 90 pallets/hour possible.
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